Moses 2 Movie Script

Prodigal Part 1, Skit
Golden Rule Game

Finding of Moses
by He Qi

Script for Baby Moses 2 Rotation © December 2007, LD McKenzie.


Miriam, Moses, Egyptian Princess, Handmaid. (You can also populate this one act play with various riverbank critters -- bullfrog, turtles, birds, tadpoles, salamanders, fish...)


Assorted tunics, video camera, basket, baby doll, princess jewels.

Miriam tummy down on the grass on the river bank setting up video cam, talking to self.


Mom said she just couldn’t watch after she put him in his little basket in the river. But someone’s got to do the dirty work. There, fresh battery, and we’re all set.

[Pauses, describes the scene as if a voice over for the video]

Here we are on the sunny banks of the river Nile. People wanted to take our baby away, my sweet little baby brother Moses. Zoom in on Moses.

Mom tried to hide him as long as she could. Then he got bigger. People might start finding out about him.

So mom built him the safest, snuggest, most water-tight baby basket ever.

[Miriam does a lot of zooming in to show the basket construction. Meanwhile in the background, Princess and her ladies are advancing toward the baby.]


And how is my little Mosie man doing. Oh, what an angel, not even crying or anything.

[Suddenly a hand reaches into the scene and pulls the basket up by the handle.]

Miriam: Oh my gosh! Where has he gone?! [her camera follows the hand. Zoom out to frame scene with princess.]


Look Princess. A baby. He must belong to one of the Hebrew women.


He’s beautiful. A perfect angel. Well we can’t leave him here we’ll have to take him home with us.


Wait a sec. That’s my baby brother. They’re not taking him anywhere! [Sets down camera. (Prop cam on its side on a table still running so it takes a sideways picture with audio of the next conversation.)]


Excuse me. A hem. Excuse me. But that baby is going to need milk.


Hmmm. You’re quite right. Do you know anyone who could be a nursemaid for him.


Why yes, I think I do.


Good. Then go and get her. Tell her I’ll pay her well if she does this for me. We can’t let our little man go hungry now, can we?

Miriam [has already run back up to camera. Holds it up to her face. Extreme closeup]:

Mom! You’re never going to believe this…!

All original text 2004 - 2014, LD McKenzie

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