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(The story of Philip & the Ethiopian Official, or The Feather Duster and the Silver Salad Tongs.)

Script for Object Theatre Workshop, Unless Someone Guides Me Rotation Lisa-Dawn McKenzie (adapted from the New Standard Revised Version).

Narrator, Feather duster (other small cleaning tools to be appreciative recipients of duster's efforts), Dust Buster, Fancy silver salad tongs, lots of other minor kitchen implements ( flippers, ladles, spatulas, slotted spoons, various common table utensils, etc.), fancy-ish salad bowl.

- Assorted implements from groups above

- book

- blue dish towel to represent water or stream


Once there was a fine, upstanding feather duster. He had been specially chosen to do the job of cleaning up the homes of people who were too sick or old to do this for themselves. He took great pride in reducing the alarming surplus population of dust mites in the world for people who just couldn’t reach those upper shelves anymore.

But like all of us, he got so caught in the job at hand -- ridding the world of nasty dust mites -- that he had trouble seeing the big picture. Forgot to take a look around. Couldn't see the forest for the trees. Never took a look a new people outside his own dust-plagued little town who needed help with the top shelves too. The situation definitely called for divine intervention. An angelic dust buster appeared on the scene to give our heroic feather duster a wake-up call.

Dust buster:

Duster! Yeah, you. Feather Duster. Listen up!

Feather Duster:

Oh my gosh. Are you talking to me?

Dust buster:

You bet your little blue top knot, I am. I want you to drop everything, and head down the road from here to Gaza.

Feather Duster:

You mean that scary wilderness road. Well, I don’t know. I'm pretty happy with my own neighbourhood. I know all the dustiest shelves like the back of my hand.

Dust buster [gives motor burst]:

I know. That's the problem. You need to branch out. Do what I tell you and hit the road.

Feather Duster:

Okay, fine. [troops off down road. See caravan of many kitchen gadgets. At head of caravan is pair of silver salad tongs riding in a fancy schmancy salad bowl, reading a book, outloud.)

Dust buster [pops up again]:

What are you waiting for. See that guy? That is the most important set of silver salad tongs in Ethiopia. He's heading back home, and he needs help with that book he's reading. Go over to his salad bowl and hop in and help him!

Feather Duster:

WHAT? Okay. Fine!

Hallo there. Mr. Salad Tongs. What's that you're reading? [stumps over quickly and hops in salad bowl] Hmmm... Sounds like the prophet Isaiah.

Salad Tongs:

Welcome, my friend. You know this book?

Feather Duster:

A little. Do you understand what it's about?


How can I understand it unless someone helps me with it? Please tell me what you know.

Feather Duster:

No problem!


The feather duster and the salad tongs had a great conversation, rolling along in the comfortable salad bowl together. Feather Duster told him all about the life and teachings of an amazing silver soup ladle. When they came to a stream, the tongs interrupted.


Hang on a minute. What do we have here. Water! I really like what I'm hearing about your friend the famous soup ladle. Is there any reason I couldn't be baptized in this stream.


Gee, I don't see why not.


Whoa, good dessert fork. Stop this caravan for a minute. I need to get out.

[Salad bowl stops, duster and tongs jump out and hop over to pond or stream, and jump in. Exit feather duster. Only tongs comes up for air.]


Hey. Where has that noble feather duster gone?

[Kitchen gadgets hop about gently, all saying, 'Don't know... where did he go... anybody see where he went...']


Oh well. It was nice bumping into him. Okay, you butter knives and teaspoons, time to keep this caravan moving. [Parade moves off stage. Tongs start humming a little tune. What tune do you think he would hum?!]


All original text 2004 - 2014, LD McKenzie

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