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(The story of some good friends who carried their friend who couldn't walk on his mat to see Jesus.)

LD McKenzie, 2004 (adapted from the NRSV)

4 friends, paralysed man, people in crowd, Jesus, scribes

Once there were five very good friends. One of them couldn't walk.

The friends that could walk heard a special visitor had come to town, a man called Jesus.

People said this man could heal people who were sick or whose bodies didn’t work quite right.

So they took their lame friend, mat and all, to see this special visitor.

But when they got to the house where the Jesus was staying, they saw a huge crowd there.

The house was so full of people that there was no way for them to get through the door with their friend to see Jesus.

But they were determined to get their friend in to see Jesus.

They thought and thought. Then they remembered that the roof was only made of mud and sticks. They could dig right through it!

Very carefully, they heaved and pulled their friend on his mat up some steps to the roof of the house. And they dug right through until there was a wide hole in the roof that the sun shone through.

Carefully with ropes, they lowered their friend down the hole into the house.

The crowd inside made a lot of noise and commotion at the sight of a man coming down through the roof.

But Jesus didn't think it was strange at all. He could see this man had some pretty special friends. They had definitely tried very hard to get their friend in.

So Jesus said, My friend, your sins are forgiven.

Now some people in the crowd thought what Jesus said just wasn’t right.

They muttered their complaints to themselves and Jesus heard them.

He said to the mutterers, “What's the big deal. In my kingdom, getting people to walk again and getting closer to God are pretty much the same thing.”

Jesus said to the man on the mat:

"Stand up, my friend. Pick up your mat, and go home."

And to everyone's surprise, the man on the mat did just that.


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