Neil's Golden Rule Game

Prodigal Part 1, Skit
Golden Rule Game


Neil devised this workshop as an alternative to the (in our opinion lame) workshops suggested in a published curriculum.


This board game workshop was very popular. As you can see from the mini movie, youth had a good time with it. And reports indicate that kids as young as 4 or 5 came back the next week wanting to play again.

The game board is two sheets of bristol board taped together. Spaces are coloured dots in applied in a wiggly style with glowy markers. Fully coloured in dots get to pick a bonus points question card. A 10-sided die made the game a bit more unique. Playing pieces were various small dolls, animals and vehicles we scooped up around the house. There's a box on the board where the Golden Rule is taped on, and a box showing where bonus point cards are placed.

We started with 14 cards, but Neil felt we needed more. So another 14 were devised. Cards follow the pattern of describing a scenario and being 'unkind' to others sets you back a few spaces, and being 'kind' to others bumps you ahead several.

Card sheets are simply laid out in 2-column format. So cut between columns, and snip out the questions between paragraphs. The question cards won't be exactly the same size, but who cares?!

Here's the link to a pdf of the cards:

Golden Rule Game Cards PDF

Here's a link to a little album of photos pulled from the movie:

Golden Rule Game pics

And here's a link to the movie, about 3 1/2 minutes long.

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