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Golden Rule Game

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Lectionary Year A

* Lectionary Year C

* Peter's Dream

* Garden of Eden

* Nicodemus .

* David & Goliath

* Noah's Ark. Sure it begs lots of questions. But every household has this toy. Why not try to offer some perspective?!

* Lydia

* Jacob's Ladder .

* Joseph's Coat

* Jonah & the Big Fish .

* Baby Moses

* Ten Bridesmaids

Christmas, Year C

* Script for Christmas play.

New Lessons for YR C

* Apostles Creed

* Do This in Remembrance of Me/Communion Rotation

* Rise Up & Walk (Peter heals the lame man)

Explanatory Note on these Lesson Sets

This program is loosely based on the lectionary. Stories this index are listed in roughly a month by month order, with the given story appearing in the Lectionary some time during that month.

The reason for this organizational principle is that while the lectionary can be limiting, there's a wonderful eureka moment on the days when parents and kids discover they've been exploring the same story. A terrific family discussion opportunity. And I didn't want that moment to be lost.

I've stuck to the same basic stories for this curriculum (so 12 stories x 3 years = 36 stories or rotations) because I felt I would want my children to be able to visit seminal stories or texts such as the Prodigal Son or 23rd Psalm or Lord's Prayer more than once, as long as the angle of approach was new and interesting to them. So each story has enough workshop ideas to allow leaders and students to explore each story twice, doing something new each time. That means your Sunday school would go thru the 3 Lectionary Years, and then go around again using different workshop ideas, before the children would encounter the same activity a second time. These 6 years are the average amount of time children are in Sunday school, before joining a junior youth discussion-type class.

As for workshop variety, I have tried to include drama/a play for each story with an original script. Some stories lend themselves to a different scripts for older and then younger children - in these cases there 2 scripts. Where I've left the age groups blended, the scripts are written in such a way that older children can read the main speaking parts, and there's a 1-line or repeat after me line for younger children. And there are usually animals milling about in the scripts for those who are shy about acting. Each story also has a music workshop, kitchen, and computer - some have more than 1 of each. I've also been sensitive to the needs of boy students - as a result many feature games or an activity that (hopefully) appeals to boys, like using remote control cars, etc.

Easter is listed separately. There are 4 topics, taking your SS from anguish in the garden to Easter sunday. Be sure to click thru Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. There are a BILLION workshop ideas. Our goal when we drafted this curric was to be prepared for at least double the SS kids who are quite welcome to worship and celebrate with us at this time. I believe we treated it more like stations with many different options.

Similarly for Christmas, altho Christmas rotations aren't listed separately, there are lots of ideas under each heading so that activities are fresh for kids who may join us only a few times a year.

Make sure you scroll down the whole list of stories under the heading for a given lectionary year. Sometimes I listed separately stories that went a new direction, like the series on the Apostle Paul, or a mediation on Communion or the Apostle's Creed.

It should be noted that these sets reflect a very liberal, non-literalist reform theology. Background notes are especially drawn, but not exclusively, Canadian sources.

I realize many stories remain to be explored. Feel free to
drop me a line to suggest a favourite!


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