Shep, the Good Shepherd

Prodigal Part 1, Skit
Golden Rule Game

A short script for 2 sheep, 2 dogs, 1 silent shepherd and a flock of sheep.



(A short script based on the 23rd Psalm)

Script for Drama Workshop, Twenty-third Psalm 2 Rotation November 2006, LD McKenzie

Woolly and Frisky the Sheep, other sheep in flock, Goodness & Mercy the collie dogs, the Good Shepherd.


Sheep ears, black collie ears, shepherd’s crook, field and stream backdrops.

[Characters walk to centre stage as if they have just arrived at their pasturing location for the day. Shepherd in front, sheep next, Goodness and Mercy are following. Shepherd gives signal for all to stop.]

Woolly: He’s done it again. Isn’t our shepherd the best. This field is so lush and green. It’s even better than the last spot.

Frisky [hopping up and down]: Sure is, Woolly. It’s awesome. It’s the best. You’re right. Our shep. He’s the best. Don’t you think, everyone?

All sheep [all together]: Oh yeah, right on, you bet, umm hmm, baa baa baaa.

Woolly: And check out this little creek Frisky. My pal Fluffy from the flock down the hill was telling me they always get muddy streams.

Frisky: [still hopping] Oh yeah, right on, we’re so lucky, Wol. I’m so thirsty, I need to go get a drink right now. [leaps to stream, trumbles and splashes into water. Frisk lands on back, legs kicking, like sheep ‘downcast.’ Shepherd hooks him out].

Frisky: [shaking the water off]: You know, Wol. I always feel safe with our Shep. I know, just like that, he’ll always get me out of a jam.

Woolly: I hear what you’re saying, Frisk. They say our Shep has experience, you know, in the Dark Valley.

Frisky: No! Say Wol, what’s in the Dark Valley that everyone’s so scared of anyway.

Wooly: Well, I don’t know. But whatever it is, it’s bad. And our Shep has been through it, from one side to the other. So I’m not afraid of anything with him.

Goodness: Ruff. Time to move on, people.

Mercy: Let’s roll everyone.

All sheep together: Aww shucks, we just got here, so soon, baa baaa baaaa.

[Cast walks off stage on opposite side from entry.]


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