Script for Job puppet play

Prodigal Part 1, Skit
Golden Rule Game


(The story of how Job got his family back)

© 2006, LD McKenzie

Script for puppet play for Drama Workshop for Rotation Model of Sunday school.

You will need the following puppets:

*3 rats
* Job
* God
* daughters
* wife
* sons
* friends
* various sheep
* behemoth and leviathan, if you wish!

[Curtain opens with Job lying on garbage heap, moaning and crying. Three kindly rats offer commentary from a distance}

Rhonda Rat: Gosh, poor Job is really having a bad day. I think you had a good idea, Robbie. Just leave him alone for a while.

Robbie Rat: Yeah, he’s been sniffly all day. I think his red itchy spots are really bothering him today.

Ruthie Rat: He’s starting to smell pretty bad too. Not that it bothers me. I kinda like it. I’m getting used to him.

Job [ wailing loudly and flailing]: Why God? Why me? Just let me explain everything to you.

Robbie: One good thing about the smell. At least his goofy friends haven’t been around lately. Those guys really bothered me.

Rhonda: Yeah. All the time they were bugging him to just tell the truth, and God would forgive him.

Ruthie: And Job had to keep telling them, ‘I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG!”

Robbie: Okay guys, promise me you won’t do that to me when things turn bad for me like Job.

Rhonda: Don’t worry. We’ll still love ya even in ya start smelling nice…

All rats: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Job: Just give me one chance to give you my side of the story.

[Make some kind of loud noise. Could be pots lids, banged cookie sheet, let the kids decide. Then….]

God: Job!

Job: Huh?

Rats: Ahhhhhhh! [jump back scared]

God: Job! Straighten up.

Job: God! It’s you.

God: Yeah, it’s me. Quit your moaning and listen.

Who made the world – I did.

Who made the whales and hippos and lions – I did.

Who made the tiny bugs and pretty flowers – I did. Let me hear you say it…

Job: Gulp. You did.

God: That’s right. So stop sniveling. All you need to remember is this – it’s not how you get into a situation that matters. It’s how you get out that matters.

Job: How you get out – right. So how do I get out.

Rhonda: Jeepers, Job! Don’t push it!

Ruthie: Yeah, Job, be quiet! And listen, like the Almighty says!

God: You get out by …letting it go. Trust in God, meaning me. Because you’re an important part of my world too. No matters what happens, I’m there with you. Got it?

Job: Got it.

God: That’s better. Now go and pray for those goofy friends of yours.

Job[begins prayer, then looks up to see family and friends trooping]: I can hardly believe my eyes! It’s my beautiful girls! My wife! My sons. This calls for a celebration!

Robbie[sniffling, blows nose]: I’m so happy for Job.

Rhonda [sniffling]: And you know what this means…

Ruthie [also sniffling]: Yeah. Job’s going to be going home and LEAVING US…WAA HAA HAAAAAAA!

Job [noticing the commotion from the posse of rats]: Hey! Guys! What’s with the water works?!

[Loud sounds of nose blowing only.]

Job: Oh, now I get it. No worries. You’re all important parts of God’s creation too. In fact you’re my best friends. So guess what. You’re coming with me.

[Rats stop sobbing and look up].

Job: And here’s the best news. I’m throwing a HUGE PARTY. Think of the leftovers!

Rhonda: Really! Aww Job, you’re the best.

Ruthie: Yeah, thanks Job. You’re swell.

Robbie: I’m so proud to call you a friend.

Job: Okay, everybody, let’s all go home. [to rats only]: What have I always told you guys?

Rats and Job: Thanks be to God!!!


Off the Ash Heap, Script for Job 2 Rotation © December 2006, LD McKenzie


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