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The Story of the Other Wise Man by Henry Van Dyke
(Adapted for preschoolers by LD McKenzie)

You all know the story of the three wise men from the east, who followed an unusual star to bring gifts to the baby Jesus in Bethlehem?

But have you ever heard the story of the other wise men, and his particular journey….?

Long ago, there lived a wise man in a kingdom to the east called Persia. His name was Artaban.

Artaban and three of his friends had seen a new star. The old books said the star meant a new king would come from the land of Israel. They knew this was important. Artaban has sold the palace he lived in and everything he owned to purchase three gifts fit for a king. The gifts were three enormous jewels, red, blue and white.

His friends had begun the trip just before he did. He rode very fast for many days to catch up with them at the meeting place. He had to stop when he saw a sick men lying in the road. Since Artaban was a doctor, he had to stop and help this sick man.

When Artaban finally made it to the meeting place, his friends were gone. He sold his blue jewel so that he could buy food and camels for the rest of the long journey. At least he still had his other two jewels for the King.

Finally he arrived in Bethlehem. He met a woman with a baby, who said the baby King was gone. While Artaban and the lady talked, and her baby slept, soldiers caused a ruckus in the street. The mother worried the soldiers would take her baby away. So Artaban met the soldiers at the door and gave them the red jewel to make them go away. And at least Artaban still had his pearl for the King.

When he was an old man with grey hair, he returned to Israel. Along the way he gave lots medicine and helped many people. It was a sad time in Israel. People told him a robber had died. He had been called “the King of the Jews.”

Artaban wondered if this King might have been the one he was looking for. Artaban was sad that he had searched for so long and might never get to see the King.

As he stood wondering, soldiers led a poor woman off to jail. Artaban threw his pearl to the soldiers, his last gift for the King.

Then Artaban heard a quiet peaceful voice. The voice said: “It’s all right, Artaban. Every time you helped someone who was sick or scared, you helped me.”

Then Other Wise Man knew he had found the King. He had given the King his precious gifts after all.

All original text 2004 - 2014, LD McKenzie

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