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Noah, a man who walked with God, and a few of his new best friends

Script for Drama Workshop, Noah 2 Rotation. Adapted from NRSV. © October 2007, LD McKenzie

(This 1-act play takes place on the deck of the ark, a conversation between Noah and a few of the animals just before their voyage ends. For younger children, you may need to recruit older children to be readers. Children can act along and/or be coached to repeat a key line for their characters from the script.)


Noah, Mrs. Noah, Dog, Cat, Seal, Turtle, Giraffe, Raven, Dove.

Props, etc: Tunics for humans, face paints for animals, whittling stick for Noah, knitting needles for Mrs. N.

[All characters are starting off in distance in somewhat trancelike state.]

Turtle: See anything yet, Giraffe?

Giraffe: Nope. Lots and lots of water. Just like yesterday. And the day before that and the day before that…

Cat: Oh please. Have mercy. I’m seasick enough already.

Turtle: I don’t have any issues with water.

Dog: I’ve always been confident in my ability to dog paddle.

Noah: That’s the spirit, Dog. We have to keep looking on the bright side. God has brought us safely this far. And it has stopped raining. Right, pet [to Mrs. N.]?

Mrs. N keeps looking ahead and knitting without looking at the piece she’s knitting. After a long pause says, “Yes, the bright side. Which side is that again, port or starboard?”

Noah: Now pet. I know it’s been a long trip and you’ve been such a trooper.

Seal: Yeah, you didn’t even freak when Raven came back with no news.

Raven: It wasn’t my fault. There was no place to land.

Dove: I could give it a try guys.

Mrs. N: Oh Dovey. You don’t have to be a goody two shoes. Someone else can go.

Dove: No worries Mrs. N. I need to stretch my wings anyway. [Dove flies off.]

Giraffe: There she goes. Clear some landing space for her on the railing, everyone.

Cat: Oh Giraffe, don’t be so gloomy.

Giraffe: I’m sorry. I guess 40 days and nights on this boat has given me a pain in the neck.

Dog: That’s almost funny.

Giraffe: Oh my gosh, it’s Dove. She’s on her way back.

[Dove lands on railing. Has branch in her beak. Drops it on Noah’s outstretched hand.]

Noah: Dovey. What’s this? Can it mean…?!

Dove: Yes, I found a tree. Above water and everything. And over top of the tree, I saw the most marvelous thing. Some kind of ribbon in the sky. It had red and blue and yellow and orange stripes.

Mrs. N: You’re the best Dovey. I’m glad you went.

Dovey: Thanks Mrs. N.

Noah: You know what this means, everyone. It’s a sign from God. It’s safe to land now and God will protect us. Seal, take the wheel. Steady on toward that rain-bow in the sky.

Seal: Orr! With pleasure, Noah.

Giraffe: Funny, my neck is feeling better already.


All original text 2004 - 2014, LD McKenzie

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