Saul the Confused Pepper Grinder (Object theatre script)

Prodigal Part 1, Skit
Golden Rule Game


An object theatre play on the conversion of the Apostle Paul on the Road to Damascus. © July 2007 LD McKenzie



Once there was a confused pepper grinder named Saul.

Saul went around peppering all kinds of forks, spoons, garlic presses, pizza wheels and such that he didn’t like because they were followers of the Way.

Saul thought the only way was the culinary way (or way of good cooking), and that no one knew how to grind pepper properly but him.

People of the way put far too much emphasis on good table manners, Saul thought. So he peppered all the people he thought did it all wrong.

One day as he strutted toward the town of Damascus topped up with fresh pepper, he was flattened by a brilliant shower of salt.

He fell to the ground with such force that it nearly knocked all the pepper out of him and popped his grinding crank off.

He heard a voice say, “Saul, Saul, why are you peppering me?”

Saul asked, “Who are you, Almighty Salt Shaker?”

And the salt shaker answered, “It is I, Jesus, whom you are peppering.”

The Almighty Salt Shaker told Saul to get up and go into town to learn some manners. But when Saul tried to get up, his crank was loose. It wouldn’t turn. He wasn’t himself. He wasn’t as strong as before. He was a crank without a crank. The other shakers and grinders he had traveled with had to lead him into town by the almost popped off crank.

In the meantime the Almighty Salt Shaker appeared to a cheese grater named Andy. He said, “Andy, go and help that pepper grinder named Saul.”

Andy said, “No way. That grinder is bad news. He peppers all my friends. He has no manners.

The Shaker said, “Well too bad. He’s the one. Go teach him some manners, like I said.”

So Andy went and found Saul and told him the Almighty Salt Shaker said to come and teach him a few manners. Then suddenly Saul’s crank moved and he could grind pepper again.

Saul soon learned some manners. He became a new man, even changed his name to something way different – Paul. And he didn’t pester people of the way with pepper any more.

He worked with the people of the way, adding just enough spice to make everything brought to the table truly splendid and savoury.


All original text 2004 - 2014, LD McKenzie

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