Prodigal Party script

Prodigal Part 1, Skit
Golden Rule Game


Script for Drama Workshop, Prodigal Son 2 Rotation © November 2006, LD McKenzie.


Dad, good (grouchy) son, mom, lots of neighbours/helpers to set up for party, party animal friends from previous lifestyle, pig.


Cleaning type head scarves, aprons, broom mop, polishing cloths, buffet table, serving bowls, necklaces, old blazers, necktie to change into for getting dressed up, pig ears and curly tail.

Dad: Listen up everyone. Let’s get this place ship shape. I need someone to clean the bathroom, the kitchen, and the big sitting room. The guest of honour will be arriving any minute!

Mom: That’s right. Okay people, we can start setting the food out. (Cast finetunes placement of bowls and platters on table).

Grouchy son: Hey, what’s going on in here?

Dad: Hasn’t anyone spoken to Godfrey yet?

Mom: Why no, dear. You dropped this whole party idea on us so suddenly that we haven’t had a chance to talk to him yet.

Dad: Son, your brother is coming home. Isn’t that wonderful news? So I’m throwing him a WELCOME HOME PARTY!

Godfrey: But why? He’s a slob. He ran off and wasted all your money. Last I heard his only friends were these pigs he had to feed.

Pig: Hey, watch it buster.

Godfrey: Look at this place. Look at all this food. How come he gets all the good stuff? You’ve never thrown a party for me. And I’ve been good all these years.

Dad: Oh Godfrey, don’t be such a sourpuss. You should know by now that nothing can ever change how much I love you. And I love you a lot.

But today we have an excuse for a party. Because something I thought was lost has been found again. And it’s one of my very own sons.

So buck up. It’s not like you don’t get to eat any of the goodies. It’s a party, for gosh sakes. Here, grab a broom.

Godfrey: Well, all right.

Party animal friends: Hey dudes. Is this where the party’s happening.

Mom: Right on. Are you Ralph’s peeps? Okay, take a couple of these and help with the dusting.

Animal 1: Awesome. I’ve never actually, like, helped anyone before.

Animal 2: Righteous. So what am I supposed to do with this.

Pig: Follow me. If I could help Ralph, I can help you too.

Dad (peering out window): Oh my gosh. He’s coming up the driveway. RIGHT NOW! Quick, get cleaned up everybody. Then hide!

[Cast takes a minute to remove aprons and scarves. Put on jewelry and dress up clothes. All hide for surprise.]

Ralph [opens door tentatively. Peeks in. Says in loud whisper]: Hello? Anyone home? It’s me, Ralph. Remember me?

Dad [in loud whisper]: Okay, everybody, now!

[Cast yells Surprise. Ralph looks shocked. Dad approaches and gives him a bear hug.]

Dad: Welcome home, Ralph. You are always one of the family here. Thanks be to God.


All original text 2004 - 2014, LD McKenzie

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