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(The story of Samson)

Older Kids' Script for the Samson Rotation Lisa-Dawn McKenzie, 2004 (adapted from the New Standard Revised Version).


Narrator, Samson, Delilah, various lords of the Philistines.


- long haired wig

- barber pole

- sign that says 'Delilah's Super Clips'

- chair (for barber's chair)

- sheet or wide cloth for barber's apron

- chopstick or blunt bamboo skewer

- scissors


Our story begins with a super strong man named Samson. One day he happened to pass by a barbershop. The sign on the shop read 'Delilah's Super Clips.'

Samson [looking in glass front window. Sees Delilah and several other gents in barbers' chairs. These guys happen to be several lords of the Philistines]:

It's not like I need a haircut. I mean, having been dedicated to God by my mom since I was born and all.

But that gal with the snippers. She looks like a lot of fun. Surely it can't just to go in and talk. [Pulls open door of shop. Yanks it right off hinges.].


Hey there, big fella. Go easy on the door there.

[The other customers start whispering together, then to her. They hand her a big wallet of money.]


You know what, I think you could use a haircut.


Nah, I don't need a haircut.


Well how about a trim. I could clean up all those split ends. It would make you look 10 years younger.


No thanks. I don't really need a trim either.


Well, how about a thorough brushing. Have a seat here in my special chair.

Samson [to self: What can it hurt to get the tangles brushed out. Besides, she makes me laugh.]

Fine. Comb and detangle. But don't cut my hair.


Excellent! [starts brushing]. Say, I see you're a pretty powerful guy, ripping the door of my shop right of the hinges and everything.


Yep. Been that way ever since I was born. Got God on my side.


So tell me, what is it that makes you so strong. What I mean is, if someone wanted to capture you -- like, what's your secret... so that you wouldn't be able to get free.


That's a very curious and interesting question. Okay, I'll tell you. If someone were to tie me up with 7 fresh bowstrings that aren't dried out, I would be as weak as anyone else.

[Other clients/lords of Philistines leap up and hand her some twine. She wraps it loosely around him a few times. But he wiggles out of this easily. Delilah and customers express disappointment.]


So Samson. I thought we were friends. But you told me a lie. That was obviously not the secret of your strength. Come on. Be a bud. Tell me the truth this time. What's the secret of your strength.


You're right. We're friends. Okay then. If I am tied up with ropes that have never been used, I would be as weak as any other person.


Ha! [Clients hand her new ropes. She wraps him up. But he wiggles out easily again.]


That's not fair. You said you were telling the truth. Be a pal. What's the real secret of your strength.


Well, if you must know. If someone weaves a long hairpin into my hair, I would be as weak as any other man.


Ah ha! [Holds up chopstick or blunt bamboo skewer. Sticks it into the hair of the wig. Samson stands up abruptly, throws off the barber's apron and yanks out the pin.]


All right, Samson. This is not how true friends treat each other. You are starting to hurt my real feelings. Tell me the truth this time. What is the secret of your strength.


Well, this has been a lot of fun. Strong men tend to lead rather serious lives you know. But because you make me laugh, you are a true friend. And I'll tell you the real secret. It's my hair. It has never been cut. If my hair is cut, I will be as weak as any other man.

[Delilah produces large scissors. Clients surround him and hold his arms and head. D. makes few loud snips in the air. Samson tries to get up out of the chair, bumps up and down a few times, but can't get up.]


I think this time we've done it. [While clients strongarm Samson off to jail, Narrator reads the following conclusion.]


Sadly, things did not go real well for Samson after this. He was put in jail, he went blind, and he had to grind grain day and night. But while he was in jail, his hair began to grow back.

So one day when there was a house party full of several thousand of his enemies, he pushed over the central posts of the house, and it caved in. Let's just say, his enemies did not get the last laugh. Samson made a few mistakes in his day. But God never abandoned him.

-the end-

All original text 2004 - 2014, LD McKenzie

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