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(The story of Samson)

Younger Kids' Script for the Samson Rotation Lisa-Dawn McKenzie, 2004 (adapted from the New Standard Revised Version).


Narrator, Samson, Delilah, various lords of the Philistines.


- long haired wig

- barber pole

- sign that says 'Delilah's Super Clips'

- chair (for barber's chair)

- sheet or wide cloth for barber's apron

- chopstick or blunt bamboo skewer

- scissors


Our story begins with a super strong man named Samson. One day he happened to pass by a barbershop. The sign on the shop read 'Delilah's Super Clips.'

Samson looked in the big front window. He thought getting a haircut looked fun, even though his mom said he wasn't allowed to get a haircut. That was because he had made a special promised to serve God. Or at least his mom had made it for him. Still, he thought it couldn't hurt to go inside.


"Hey, that looks fun. I'm sure Mom won't be too mad if I take a quick look inside."


So Samson went in. He forgot his own strength and broke the door right off the hinges when he opened it.

The other customers inside were not nice people. They wanted to stop a strong man like Samson and put him in jail.

The lady inside who cut people's hair was nice. She told jokes and made Samson smile. Her name was Delilah.

When the other customers saw Samson break that door off its hinges, they knew he was the one they were looking for. So they whispered to Delilah that she should find a way to capture him. They said that they would pay her LOTS OF MONEY.

She asked him what made him so strong.

Delilah to Samson:

What makes you so strong?


Samson thought this sounded like a fun game. First he told her if people tied him up with fresh strings from a bow and arrow set, he would be as weak as any ordinary man. To test the idea, she tried it. But to Samson, the strings were as flimsy as a spiderweb.

Then he told her to try new ropes. So she did. But he snapped them easily too.

Then he told her that if a long hairpin was stuck in his hair, he would lose his strength. So she tried that too. All that happened was that Samson looked really silly!

Finally Delilah told him that she thought they were friends. And you shouldn’t lie to your friends. So he should tell her the truth about the secret of his strength.

Well, Samson had had a lot of fun playing this guessing game. And the life of a strong man can be very serious. So he decided to tell her the truth. And the truth was that if his hair were cut, he would lose his strength.

So she tried it. And it worked. The not-nice customers were able to hold on to him and capture him and trot him off to jail.

Unfortunately, Samson did not have a lot of fun in jail. He went blind, and he had to grind grain all the time. But when he was in jail, his hair started to grow back and he felt his strength returning.

One day, a great big group of not-nice people wanted Samson brought to the party they were having so they could make fun of him. When Samson came in, he said a little prayer asking God not to leave him now.


God, don't leave me now.


Then Samson grabbed on to the posts that held up the walls and pulled them down.

I am sorry to say a lot of people were hurt when the whole house tumbled down after that.

Samson knew for sure that God had not forgotten him.

-the end-

All original text 2004 - 2014, LD McKenzie

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